Paintbrush in the milk

Paintbrush in the milk
Art over the generations

Brwsh paent yn y llaeth
Celf dros y cenedlaethau

By Strinda Davies

I am proud to announce my artwork will be displayed in The Robert Maskrey Gallery as part of Art in the Attic at The Factory, Porth.


My inspiration comes from the patterns and features of landscapes, the tracery and shape of trees, various coastal path views and more recently lanes walked during lockdown and the simplest of garden blooms.

Studying art at Plymouth and Liverpool Arts Schools in the 1970s I was very fortunate to have two inspiring and supportive tutors. Their challenge, encouragement and belief in my intuitive approach to colour and form have remained with me to this day.

One of my earliest memories of being creative was sitting beside my late mother at the kitchen table, so absorbed in the moment that I washed my paintbrush in a glass of milk, instead of water.

Over the generations

My mother, Eva Elizabeth Davies, studied at Swansea School of Art from a young age in the late 1920s until the mid-1930s, helped by a scholarship. Teaching art at evening classes, for most of her adult life, she made time for her own drawing and painting while raising four children and managing life around my father’s shift work.

In the early 1970s Mam attended the renowned Barry Summer School, gaining a new enthusiasm that was repeated when I was able to share with her my work from art school.

It is a pleasure to include a piece by my great-niece, Emma Kokoc, who is studying art at school in Bridgend. It is a portrait of her lively family and was included in the online exhibition of the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show in 2021.

Event details

The gallery is open Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm and the event is running from Tuesday 19th April to Friday 6th May 2022.