Annual Wales Coaching Conference

The annual Wales coaching conference at the Vale Resort was the seventh annual event organised by University of South Wales in association with Academi Wales. This was another well-organised day of workshops and keynote speeches. It was a great opportunity to meet-up again with colleagues, make new acquaintances and hear from internationally renowned experts.

The event has grown year on year and the list of over two hundred professionals in attendance is testament to its growing success as an eagerly awaited date in the diary.

This year’s theme was ‘Achieving Impact’. There was a diverse range of workshops to choose from and some interesting discussions and theories, for example, Solution Focused Coaching (SFC) and ‘Is my Client ready for Coaching’. 

But the highlight for me was the afternoon’s keynote speech by Christian van Niewerburgh. As an avid fan of his books he did not disappoint and his effervescent manner together with his self- evident mastery and experience as a coach made for a stimulating end to the day

‘Achieving Impact’ was a well chosen theme as we all need to be able to measure impact into how coaching interventions can transform attitudes and behaviours in organisations and for individuals. 

We were lucky that in this period of adversity the conference was held before Lockdown and thanks to technology we can still connect with our clients and the coaching community. This month I’m looking forward to tuning into the Wales Coaching Community meeting and the webinar series with the Association of Coaching.